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Thread: Shumway: Mozilla Does An Open-Source SWF Runtime

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    Quote Originally Posted by 89c51 View Post

    I mean yes flash is a technology still used mainly in pornography websites and websites designed by idiots but it goes away. Mozilla (and google/youtube + porn sites) should start pushing open web formats aggressively (ie not use webm as a fallback and disable it for monetized videos on youtube). Also we should get rid of h264 and shit like that from the web.
    Unique requests pornography websites to are a lot higher than flash game websites, but time spent is another story... that's pretty close to any pornography website that I know of. Most of the games on are flash based and I don't see developers porting them any time soon.

    It would be awesome if I could play flash games on my phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    I hope you guys know that pr0n is responsible for killing several formats, right? If something's not compatible with porn, it's not going to succeed, even if it's 10 times better than a porn-compatible format. Good examples are Beta vs VHS and HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray.
    Thats why theres torrent sites. People want their porn to not be a fuzzy mass on the screen as is the case with the 240p quality of most of your flash based porn sites.

    Theres quite allot of 1080p porn out there these days.

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    Default WTF

    How come my 'inferior' BlackBerry Z10 has flash? 95% of all sites with flash work. SWF games I believe have to be downloaded to work or something like that.

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