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You are the regression.
Your scriptkiddie c/p skillz just didnt cut it.
Please fix your shit instead of crapping all over phoronix because you lack talent.
Oh look who's talking. Possibly one of the developers responsible for that mess.
Funny enough most of the forums of the major distributions are full of people who have issues with systemd.
Maybe there is one new development going on, that you just missed: People want to actually USE their system, not deal with annoying scripts and config files. If a boot manager is not able to bring up a system including nfs-fileshares "out of the box" then it's simply broken. Face it.

To be honest: your communication skills just don't cut it. I'm out of this thread.
btw: Is this the way phoronix wants people to comment here? I'll be back right after improving my abuse-skills.