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Thread: A New Language Implemented Atop LLVM

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    Default A New Language Implemented Atop LLVM

    Phoronix: A New Language Implemented Atop LLVM

    ESL, the Embedded Systems Language, is a new programming language intended for embedded/small systems and its compiler was implemented atop the LLVM infrastructure...

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    YAPL - Yet another programming language, now with duck-typing.

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    I always felt we need a few kind of programming languages.

    1) One for high performance, detailed stuff. (Obviously a typed compiled language.)

    2) One scripting language that can be used to write stuff clean and fast without much thinking and without much problems. (Obviously a interpreted language with dynamic typing but with restrictions on how dynamic some stuff can be.)

    3) There will always be domain-specific languages necessary. And trying stuff out let's people discover by doing if there are pitfalls to things a certain way or another. This allows the next languages to improve upon the learned lessons.

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    Just read the language spec. Main differential is the more expressive language support for the serialization format of data (integer ranges, endianness, alignment, etc.). Syntax is similar to go or C, but with more colons ":". However: no floating point, no fixed point, no vectors, no coroutines, no lists. Similar verbosity to C or go (i.e. no improved verbosity). Language doesn't look simpler to use than go. Similar code would be achieved by using a subset of C with gcc extensions. I personally didn't like it.

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