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I agree entirely with przemoll, aside from the fact that mainframes tend to demand raw power too, much more than workstations. Anyways, people who use laptops as desktops are dumbasses, to put it bluntly. Getting such a product is just simply convenient but rarely anything beyond that. There are a small handful of situations where getting a powerful laptop is cost effective and most importantly, practical. Keep in mind that even if you exclude the screen and battery, you still pay more for a laptop than you do with a desktop yet you gt crappier hardware.

So going back to blackouts comment earlier, no, Atoms are not that much better than ARM and while i5 is very powerful, it has a poor value and is overkill for the average user. i7 is unnecessary even for many workstation users. The crappy thing is Windows and Intel have got people thinking people need all this performance where in the end, dual core CPUs from 10 years ago are plenty sufficient for everyday non-production tasks. Same goes for RAM but that's a convo for another day.
Thanks for being a dumbass The support contract with the supplier ends after 4 years anyway. Then the laptop are being replaced with a new model for another 4 years (we sell the old ones to some restoration charity company). Especially people working from home or somewhere remote to the office can get hardware support on site.

Even the desktop workstations from ~8 years ago run crappier than SandyBridge laptops and were nearly the same price compared to back then.