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Thread: AMD R600g Performance Patches Yield Mixed Results

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    Default AMD R600g Performance Patches Yield Mixed Results

    Phoronix: AMD R600g Performance Patches Yield Mixed Results

    Following performance benchmark results I published earlier this week comparing the open-source Radeon and AMD Catalyst driver performance under Ubuntu 12.10, Marek, the well-known independent open-source graphics driver developer, set out to explore some of the performance issues in the open-source driver. One day later, he published a patch that could quadruple the frame-rate of the Radeon Gallium3D driver. He went on to push another performance-focused patch too for this R600g driver. In this article are a fresh round of benchmarks of the open-source driver to look at the wins and losses attributed to this new code.

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    That's not what I'd call mixed results. It looks like an improvement across the board with one regression.

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    Default Wonderful article title again Michael

    How the heck is this mixed results?!

    It seems to me that the _only_ game where it didn't pay off is Xonotic and looking at the frame rates there I'm guessing that either that game does something weird of something else is going on (like hitting a software fallback path somewhere, for example).

    Michael, you need an attitude change.
    How about being positive for a change instead of outrageously negative...

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    Only game that had an issue was Xonotic in High. That seems more like a bug in the game then a regression.

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    Default How can we help?

    What can we do to accelerate getting the continuous integration testing done? What do you need help with?

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    It wasn't just Xonotic. From the article:
    Marek also said, changing a heuristic is a mixed bag and can cause regressions. Hopefully, they'll be mostly ironed out soon ..

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