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Thread: Bug reports related to `phoronix-test-suite install ...`

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    Default Bug reports related to `phoronix-test-suite install ...`

    The bugs presented below are related to pts test profiles that fail to install e.g.:

    $ phoronix-test-suite install pts/aio-stress
    The following tests failed to install:
    	- pts/aio-stress-1.1.0
    The following pts test profiles fail to install because a URL (in downloads.xml) does not exist anymore:

    pts/aio-stress,      URL does not exist:
    pts/doom3,           URL does not exist:
    pts/video-cpu-usage, requires ftp password:
    The following pts test profiles fail to install if curl is not enabled in php (no php5-curl). The installation fails because the source archive defined in the test's downloads.xml cannot be downloaded. If curl is enabled in php then these tests install without errors.


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    Default pts/apache is dependent on pcre-devel

    The pts/apache test profile fails to install on many Linux distros due to the missing pcre-devel package. Is it possible to add this package to the dependencies of pts/apache so that it is installed automatically? Also in apache's `mkdir $HOME/http_` isn't ideal.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    The AIO-Stress upstream URL does work but the code doesn't build under modern compilers.

    For Doom 3, you also need the retail binaries to manually copy over from the DVD/CDs, so if you have them chances are you also have the Doom 3 binary already. The id FTP Server was shutdown.

    In terms of "`mkdir $HOME/http_` isn't ideal.", it's fine because the Phoronix Test Suite overrides $HOME to the test profile's installation location within ~/.phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests/pts/xxx

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