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Thread: AMD FX-8350 "Vishera" Linux Benchmarks

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    Quote Originally Posted by efikkan View Post
    Compiler optimizations for AMD makes AMD CPUs faster on Linux than Windows, that's true. But how do you think this affects the performance of Catalyst? This is not related to the performance gain for higher memory bandwidth for the graphics parts of the APU.
    I don't know what do you mean really neither which is the relation with what I said.

    Quote Originally Posted by efikkan View Post
    Enthusiasts may say a lot of suff, enthusiasts also claim vinyl and tubes yield higher audio quality even when proven wrong.
    I suggest you read the XMP specs from Intel, and you'll see it's just some extra information to help choose memory clocks and timings. Once you set these settings, the performance will be equal regardless of XMP or AMP.
    I know lots of AMD users having problems with XMP memory kits. This may be related to XMP being optimized for intel chipset motherboards. I also read this

    Quote Originally Posted by efikkan View Post
    Even my new workstation with i7-3930 and 64GB DDR3-1600 does not use faster memory, because tests show non-significant performance improvements. You might see higher scores in memory benchmarks, but in real-world performance the gain is negligible.
    As stated above Intel chips performance is rather insensible to memory speed. This is not the case with AMD chips which can see 8--20% benefits in real-world performance; I did not even mention memory synthetic benchmarks, therefore I fail to see your point again.
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