So I'm trying to fix this laptop, it's a couple of years old and it has suffered a lot of falls.

Anyway I decide to run a couple of linux pens on it and HOLY SHIT

graphic card, wi fi, sound, etc etc all working 100% and really well straight out of the box.

I had never seen anything like this and I have tried linux in everything from mac minis/powerbooks to old ass HP's...

turns out this particular laptop was part of what intel called the 'centrino' platform... all I can say is if you like linux and see one of these centrino laptops on a 2nd hand sale, buy it stat.

but for some stupid reason intel discontinued the centrino platform in 2010... so now even if you are lucky enough to get intel cpu+gpu you sill have to worry about stupid shit like sound not working properly in some realtek shit and wi fi nightmares etc