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Thread: An Attempt To Push Ubuntu As A Gaming Platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishayu View Post
    Longevity of Binaries - Stop releasing major kernel revisions so often, stop updating to major new versions of so often. Stop releasing new, half-assed, poorly tested releases every 6 months. One release a year, with every 2nd being LTS. Update applications to major new versions, but do not update important stuff like, systemd, pulseaudio, the Linux kernel, etc. Only update security patches.
    Software update frequency is not directly related with longevity of binaries. Versions are just checkpoints. No one is forcing you to update to the latest release. There is a LTS version of Ubuntu already. Do you hate bug fixes and performance improvements? Do you want to stick to the same bugs for 5 years forcing application developers to implement hacks to work around them? Do you dislike new features? If the answer to these questions is yes you must be a Windows user. If you want to keep obsolete software around while updating some programs then you should really be using something like Arch where you can choose not to upgrade some packages. It will be a nightmare to maintain it though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishayu View Post
    Graphics drivers - Don't ship broken graphics drivers. ... I actually think the biggest part of the problem is Unity.
    What does one have to do with the other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishayu View Post
    Yes, of course Linux can become a great gaming platform. The kernel is fast, it's all about the applications API's provided on top.

    Audio Support - Yes, PulseAudio sucks. It did back then and it still does. Improvements need to be made to make sure PulseAudio becomes lower latency and doesn't glitch out and miss streams. RedHat needs to work more on that, but if Ubuntu has got to fork ... well so be it then.
    Looking this game, it appears this comments is based on Ubuntu system. In that case, blame Canonical for misconfiguration and rushing an incomplete PulseAudio in their early release because it runs fine on Fedora.
    For lower latency, use JACK.

    Graphics drivers - Don't ship broken graphics drivers. I mean really... Replacing will help, but I actually think the biggest part of the problem is Unity.
    Keyword: drivers not the entire by itse;f. Unity is a complete mess coding side. Remember commercial games often requires hardware accelerated driver like proprietary Nvidia or AMD Catalyst
    using OpenGL 3.x and above. mesa recently support OpenGL 3.0 since release 8.0.

    Input devices - Give us the ability to remove mouse acceleration - easy, simple, fast. Hardcore gamers will flock to the platform because it's a killer feature. Better driver support is of course a must but actually... Linux is pretty good here already.
    Possible on Fedora. I do not know about Ubuntu.

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