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IIRC they are moving in the necessary bits of GTK to keep pace with GTK, but they will keep the UI the same forever, which is what so many people wanted in the first place.

So I like many others will stick with Mate for the foreseeable future.

We shouldn't be fixing what isn't broken just so we can chase the trend, take Windows Vista/7/8 as an example of a GUI gone wrong and getting progressively worse.
Cool, I guess then maybe it could be nice.
MATE with GTK 3 would be nice.

But it would be a lot of code duplication of doing lots of stuff upstreams in GNOME 3. The code bases diverse so much that they probably cant backport anymore.

But I think GNOME 3 with GNOME Fallback Session is pretty good, its like a classic GNOME 2 desktop almost. However Cheese, gcalc and some apps get retarded menus.
Unfortunately I heard they might discontinue GNOME Fallback Session.