I don't understand, i have PC and notebook.

In PC i use HD 5850 and Catalyst 12.8. Its works fine, and next i upgrade driver to 12.9 beta and its works fine.
In notebook i use hd 5650 mobility and open source driver. When i install Catalyst 12.9 beta its something wrong. I have Catayst panel but if i try to open i see error - driver is no installed or no configurated. In concole i try amdconfig but i see only no detected hardware support.
When i use XFdrake --auto its works Catalyst 12.9 beta but i see in right down corner text "amd unsopported hardware" but catalyst its works fine.

How Fix it? Maybe this driver is no for HD 5650 mobility? When i install previous driver 12,8 its work fine without text unsopportred hardware.

I dont understand, maybe its fix for it? Maybe this driver not support my GPU or maybe i can delete this text in my display?