This reminds me of an ancient concept I first heard called the "memory theater". It was a mnemonic device, where you "built" and edifice in your imagination, and then covered the walls with more mnemonic devices as if they were paintings. In other words, you could store related memories in one "room", then walk to the next "room" for another group of memories, etc. Not having easy access to information technology, even to the level of pencil-and-paper, the ancients had some remarkable techniques for carrying around their information in their heads.

Anyway instead of imagining tacking processes on the walls, make this a view of a filesystem. Better yet, because the maze of navigating an ordinary tree-oriented filesystem need not obey Euclidean geometry - the various subtrees can overlap, since you can't see one from the other. FIles could be viewed on the walls as thumbnails of their default application. Directories are doorways, etc.