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Thread: A New Linux OpenGL ABI Is Being Proposed

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    Also, the implication of this proposal are very clear and easy to understand.

    A) no more replacing to switch drivers. Core OS-provided libraries should never be replaced with addon libraries.

    B) vendor libraries are separate, so you can install AMD and NVIDIA drivers simultaneously, without requiring distro-specific selection mechanisms.

    C) the GL API is bound in the vendor-neutral OS-provided library, so you can load multiple drivers into the same address space. This means you can draw with a discrete NVIDIA GPU while offloading other work to your integrated Bulldozer or Intel GPU.

    D) vendors will be able to opt out of providing the deprecated non-Core profile functions, e.g. as Apple does, which simplifies drivers and can even allow some mild performance improvements (though we'd need another round of GL function removals and DSA additions to get any significant improvements).

    E) the APIs for device management in the window system are provided by the OS primarily with driver extensions, so proprietary drivers could work with Wayland or any other future new display system that uses GL/EGL, while GLX can be phased out.

    F) allows the removal of cruft that will not be needed in the future, like GLX, which right now must be implemented by the drivers, even for systems that don't use X at all.
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