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That's not an option for me because my second monitor is a Wacom Cintiq 12WX (1280x800) while my main monitor is 1920x1080. So for me it's annoying since I need my Wacom to be hooked up and working most of the time (without having to adjust settings in the AMD Catalyst Control Center), but I also want to play games sometimes. I've gotten most games to run, but usually there's problems (maybe Gnome-Shell specific) and the resolutions are sometimes limited to the Cintuq's aspect ratio.
Well, considering you don't hold the tablet up to be in your view while gaming, I feel like there are ways to avoid using it for games. For example, does it make a difference if you virtually stack the displays vertically instead of horizontally? Also, you could try doing a multiseat situation which I think would actually be more ideal for whatever you do on your tablet - the tablet can be used strictly to draw/edit while you have a separate mouse and keyboard for nagivating your main screen. To me, that's something to really show-off to Windows users. If you need to type, put on an on-screen keyboard. Anyways as a last method, you could also try just simply disabling the screen when playing games but I'm pretty sure you'd have thought of that already.