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You see, btrfs has made it to mainline. ZFS will never do that - tell "thanks" to guys from Sun for their strange license. The difference? You can see it at post above my. Btrfs will work by default in many distros. ZFS will not. And it will be PITA to use it. So it about to lose their grounds as btrfs improves (and looking on commits to btrfs I can admin it's quite impressive job).
well, it might still be years to go until Btrfs is mature enough for stable & production use

for me it still throws errors and loses/screws data

until then I'll gladly use ZFSonLinux which is getting better and better (and faster, too!) btw

don't get me wrong: I'd really like to use Btrfs due to ease of accessibility over ZFS but my data integrity and presence currently is more important than using a filesystem whose fsck doesn't do too much yet and can be overwhelmed by suspending the computer/laptop and through syncing the portage-tree and thus losing complete access to the data ...