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Thread: KLANG: A New Linux Audio System For The Kernel

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryao View Post
    As far as I know, ALSA is Linux-specific while OSS is available on a wide variety of platforms. Portability-wise OSS is better. Are you volunteering to address that?
    ALSA = Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
    OSS = Open Sound System
    So yes, OSS is the way to go - even if many devs will hate you for that (back)move (ever tried to get OSS(4) support into software supporting ALSA without coding it for yourself?).
    The same could have been said when ALSA and PulseAudio were made.
    For ALSA: No!
    For PulseAudio: Yes, and it has been said million times.
    It is a perfect reason.
    It's not. Patching ALSA/PA or (even better) lobbying OSS4 would be far more useful. But all in all you are right by saying:
    The only stupid thing here are the people that try to tell others how to spend their time.
    So I don't want to get into detail here.
    ALSA is an API. if sound drivers require it, then they are poorly designed.
    ALSA is a architecture, containing a internal kernel API used by the drivers (so they have to require it!), a userspace API and userspace tools (alsa-tools/PulseAudio).
    So of course drivers require ALSA. You can't use OSS drivers for ALSA nor ALSA drivers for OSS.
    The same could have been said for OSS when those were in development. Where were you then?
    Again: No.
    But this time I'll tell you why not:
    You know that the kernel is GPL licensed, right? Now OSS(3) was GPL licensed, too (and BSD and whatnot) so it wasn't a problem to include it into the kernel and everybody was happy. But then the company behind OSS started with OSS 4 which was proprietary licensed only. This was the reason ALSA was developed. Other unix like OSes continued to use (forks of) OSS3.
    Later on the company GPLed OSS4, but it was too late.
    PulseAudio on the other side was just some kind of e-penis measurement Poettering seems to need from time to time (his next big thing is systemd *cough*, well, now I have to go into detail cause I'm raging... see OFF-TOPIC).

    BTW: Are you really the dev of this? I can't find a prove other than you acting like it. Also: Any news on this?

    Question: "What are the advantages of ALSA/PA versus OSSv4 ? Why do you think the BSDs still use OSS instead of reimplementing ALSA/PA ?"
    His answer doesn't even include "ALSA", he's only talking about OSS.
    Question: "Systemd use a lot of Linux only technologies (cgroups, udev, fanotify, timerfd, signalfd, etc). Do you really think the Linux API has been taking the role of the POSIX API and the other systems are irrelevant ?"
    His answer, shortened to the most important part: "Yes"

    And let's not forget that this guy wants to kill distributions: (couldn't find a English translation). A quote from a comment on that site, freely translated:
    With friends like Lennart Poettering linux doesn't need enemies anymore. From systemd to PulseAudio to binary logs and incompatibility to BSD ("irrelevant", orig. quote L. Poettering). All we can do is facepalming cause of all the stupid ideas which are slowly being implemented - bad.
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