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This strange MikeC behaviour was because of me.

Here is what happened:
Someone started a new topic about Linus middle finger shown to Nvidia with link to youtube video showing this. MikeC posted below response that all discussion about bad and unacceptable Linus behaviour is forbidden on this forum and locked the topic. The problem with MikeC was that he focused on Linus finger and bashing at him but didn't say a word about why Linus had shown the finger. I understand MikeC behaviour because he is American and people there focuses on "wow Linus has shown a finger to Nvidia" where European people usually would ask why Linus has shown the finger. What was his motivation to make such unusual for him gesture? I made a new topic saying this is censorship and tried to explain what was Linus feelings about Nvidia. (I live in Eastern Europe/former soviet block so maybe I'm too sensitive when freedom of speech is limited.). I also told that there is more people who would like to show finger to Nvidia and have good reason to do that (then described usb 1.1 freezing on geforce 8200 chipset - Nvidia reproduced and confirmed this bug but never provided patch to fix it - this is fixable because Solaris/FreeBSD/Windows does not have this bug). People wrote in comments that I'm whining and Nvidia makes great GPUs completely ignoring the fact that I was talking about mainboard chipset and usb problem in it. MikeC locked the topic so I could not explain that I do not have problems with GPUs but chipset and Nvidia should be ashamed not fixing it. Try to use PC without usb these days.
MikeC created statement and made it sticky that:
- he would like to kick Linus and my (@zbiggy nvnews nick) ass because of what we have done,
- nobody accused him and his family so badly like me,
- he would close Linux forum on nvnews because of me if it wouldn't be his only way of earning money for him and his family,
- he asked forum ISP to close and send him Nvidia Linux forum content.
Nvidia Linux forum then became read only. He made my post about censorship sticky. Later Nvidia Linux forum was not available.
Then it was restored. I wrote pm to MikeC with apology I told him I understand that in US there is no censorship but private property and understand that forum owner has right to block posts he do not like and decide what will (not) be discussed. I asked him to make my topic about censorship not sticky to let it fall down in forum history out of users view. I removed my name and other personal details from my profile. Tried to delete all my post but could not. I visited nvnews daily since 2003 and made many posts. Now this is over. I will never go back there. nvnews will be better without me. It is sad that people focused on Linus and his finger but not the reason of showing it. It is sad that Nvidia became victim when actually was source of all this evil.
There is only one solution to this - exchange unstable MikeC.
Thanks for sharing!