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Almost correct: the OS is OpenSuse 10.3.

I have set all the extensions to false and have then commented out all the options in the device section. the gears are still down. re-activating the extensions and the different options one by one doesn't really change anything either. I am really lost here. Funny thing is, that Catalyst 7.11 worked almost flawlessly.
well, i think that this is the time to get back to 7.11. if something works fine without great problems while after the upgrade has problems, then return to the old driver. you're not obliged to use the newest one. stick with 7.11 until 8.1 is out. maybe there was something wrong in the rendering of the 7.12 and thus, the fps got down. or maybe it's some issue with the igps. from the log it seems that everything works fine, so this is something inside the driver. i'm sorry for not being able to help you more on the matter.