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Thread: Accessing older versions/actual documentation

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    Default Accessing older versions/actual documentation


    Trying to run PTS 3.8.0 revealed a number of problems (inability to load tests list, inability to compile certain tests).
    Also, the root documentation link:
    has nothing for 3.8.0. Documentation link in the top menu leads to quick start guide, which is out-of-date as well.

    'login' command to global site is simply missing, with no explanation of how to perform that login.

    Mailing list archives stop on November 2010, so I can't search for possible problems solutions in there, as well.

    Taking all the above together, I conclude it was too early to announce 3.8.0, since there are no actual documentation files, no means to debug/trace its problem via command line parameters. I wasted several hours on debugging instead of just using the suite, as planned.

    Is there regular means to access older stable PTS versions, say 2.6.0, beyond trying to find its branch in git repository?

    Update: Thanks heavens, I just used the link
    (specifying required version manually in URL) and it seemed to work.

    Which still leaves all the questions for 3.8.0 open.

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