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Thread: Alcohol propaganda in Phoronix

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    Quote Originally Posted by curfew View Post
    Alcohol or ethanol in this context is most essentially a drug. It has also got multiple other uses like a solvent, fuel or antiseptic.
    Your sarcasm meter needs calibrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilssab View Post
    any documented effect from toxicity from responsible consumption is easily offset from the positives that are not regarded by the study.
    In fact... no. Any positive effect studies suggest about alcohol are lower than the toxicity effects. The only good effects of the beer come from the other ingredients which obviously are not only found in beer.

    I, myself, find a bit annoying this "beer propaganda", but not because it's beer or any other alcohol beverage, but because it has nothing to do with the topic of Phoronix. Even if it were cocacola propaganda, it would be annoying, so much hype in an article for such a trivial matter that is not even related to the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    It's beer. Beer! It's sacred. If you dare propose censoring it, *that* is offensive.

    Deal with it.
    I don't like beer but good on him for showing his passions in life! For me it's chocolate. PS:

    I'm Australian and there are a lot of beer drinkers down here:

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