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Thread: Getting latest packaging scripts from Phorogit

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    Default Getting latest packaging scripts from Phorogit

    Hi, how do I get the most up-to-date scripts from the fglrx-packaging repository? When I do 'git pull' I end up with one with the last commit being 2 years ago.

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    That's what i use in my fglrx script (when you use -u option), a bit shortend:
    wget -qO- ""|tar zxv
    rm -rf packages
    cp -rL fglrx-packaging packages
    chmod +x packages/Ubuntu/
    The problem is that you need to get rid of the symlinks, otherwise it will not work, therefore i use the cp and not just mv.

    PS: For git via http there must be a hook on the server that calls: "git-update-server-info" (old git) or "git update-server-info" (new git) - most like this is not working or missing.
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