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Thread: Gimp now running on GEGL

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    Default Gimp now running on GEGL
    They wrote a GeglTileBackend that uses a Gimp TileManager. This made porting surprisingly easy.

    This will enable hardware acceleration via OpenCL, thanks to AMD's work.
    And AMD should have OpenCL on both fglrx and r600g by the time this is ready.

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    This is good news. For many years I have been following Gimp with the hope it will introduce high color depth. Actually, the last time around a year or two ago I gave up hoping. To me 8 bit color depth is unacceptable. Why would someone work on building a Ferrari and put in a 5hp steam engine? I just couldn't get it. Now I'm glad to finally see a change.

    You mentioned AMD graphics support for OpenCL, but what about Nvidia OpenCL support in their closed-source drivers? As far as I understand, Nvidia supports OpenCL in its drivers since the 280.13 release. Moreover, they have SDK sample codes and CUDO open source code for developers, too.

    Any reason for not mentioning Nvidia? Or any reason why Gimp wouldn't work with Nvidia cards and drivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerhouse View Post
    Any reason for not mentioning Nvidia?
    No care for a competitor?

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