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Thread: Qt 5.0 Alpha Tool-Kit Released For Testing

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    Default Qt 5.0 Alpha Tool-Kit Released For Testing

    Phoronix: Qt 5.0 Alpha Tool-Kit Released For Testing

    Qt 5.0 Alpha was released this morning by the Norwegians...

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    Great! I can't wait to get my hands dirty and see what Qt is up to lately. I've used 4.x for projects in the past but haven't done anything with it in the past year. I generally loved how Qt tries to support almost any generally useful library functionality you could want; it's so good in fact that I think if you write your main program in Java and combine it with Qt-Jambi as a dependency, you pretty much have the motherlode of enterprise + desktop + networking + graphics + database APIs... it's so feature-rich it gives you cholesterol just to browse the API

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