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Thread: Qt 5.0 On Apple iOS Might Be In Trouble

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    Default Qt 5.0 On Apple iOS Might Be In Trouble

    Phoronix: Qt 5.0 On Apple iOS Might Be In Trouble

    One of the targeted mobile platforms to target with Qt 5.0 has been Apple's iOS, but it looks like some technical problems may prevent Qt5 from coming to your iPhone or iPad...

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    Default Javascript interpreter requirement

    The Javascript interpreter requirement is for 3rd party web browsers that download Javascript. If you bundle all scripts with the application you can use whatever interpreter you like. Same goes if you write the scripts on the device, e.g., the Codea app. I have no idea if that would make it acceptable for the QT 5 framework or not.

    The code/data restrictions are much more serious though. It's not possible to work around that limitation. The iOS native Javascript is given a system exception but that's because Apple trusts their implementation. That trust isn't possible to gain for 3rd party interpreters.

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    Default Using apple's?

    How about using Apples's own javascript engine equivalence - Nitro for the job??
    Or reverting back to the good old engine used in Qt 4??

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    Default Thank god for this hiccup, the last thing we need is QT on iOS!

    Really the title says it all. I'm not one to object to the efforts of others often but I really can't see any good coming from such a development. It isn't that QT is evil, that is another thread, but rather it is a UI SDK that is so far from iOS tht I can't ever see it working well and delivering apps users expect.

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