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You mean GPT, btw. It's nice enough as long as your BIOS can boot it; the only thing that annoys me with it is that Win7 and Win8 don't want to install onto GPT partitions. On the other hand it supports larger partitions, more partitions, more file system type codes, and it's a bit more resilient with the backup copy at the end of the disk.
that sounded good, but in reality it scrued my boot process what MBR did never.
that was the first time that I did not lost data, no damaged disk, but I did not get grub to boot with rescue disk routine. just by upgrading to the next ubuntu version. So after that you get more conservative for a while after you install again the most bleeding edge stuff

good it was not that bad because I could backup my home but because I was not shure if the new ubuntu screewed my boot process or what I did reinstall my ubuntu, and because it seemed I did save the packagelist in a wrong format, I had to install all packet after packet when I needed it. Yes not that big loss but it sucked at least a bit

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Not that it really matters as long as you can get your file system onto the disk at the desired position and length, and boot from it.
yes it had something good like I said on ext4 linux now is really fast like it should be on a ssd ^^ so it was worth the pain maybe