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Not true.
Read the chat logs (note I actually was present in this meeting) ... the whole discussion was about making it in time for the feature freeze (i.e today) after that F17 gets branched off and new stuff (like switching the default filesystem) will only be allowed in rawhide (the quote in the article might suggested something else but it was taken out of context).
in the article it said

"If these Btrfs bugs are worked out by the alpha release in about two weeks -- along with the expected premiere of the new Btrfs fsck -- and Btrfs flipped on within the Anaconda installer, we will have this next-generation open-source file-system as the default in Fedora 17. If it doesn't happen for the "Beefy Miracle" release, it should definitely be a good candidate for Fedora 18 considering the remaining open issues have been"

soo i dont know what to think