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Thread: Humble Indie Bundle #4 Ends With $2.3M USD

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    Default Humble Indie Bundle #4 Ends With $2.3M USD

    Phoronix: Humble Indie Bundle #4 Ends With $2.3M USD

    The Humble Indie Bundle #4 has now ended with a record-setting $2.3+ million dollars in revenue...

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    I'm surprised that HIB hasn't lost its charm already. Surely at some point everyone's going to devolve into cheapskates and pay 1 cent to get it basically free. Of course, I'm absolutely thrilled that it's going as well as it is (and I really really like Gratuitous Space Battles!!!!) but I just don't know if it has a lasting business model. Let's hope.

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    This one was a hell of a bundle with Cave Story+, Super Meat Boy and Shank. No surprise it sold so well.

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