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Thread: Intel - It Was One Heck Of A Year For Sandy Bridge Graphics

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    Default Intel - It Was One Heck Of A Year For Sandy Bridge Graphics

    Phoronix: Intel - It Was One Heck Of A Year For Sandy Bridge Graphics

    The year began with Intel launching their "Sandy Bridge" processors. While the CPU performance was very impressive for these latest-generation Intel processors, the graphics performance under Linux was a problem. The drivers were not ready in time. Well, they actually were technically available, but in Git source form and not easy for Linux desktop customers. There were also some initial hurdles in the Sandy Bridge Linux graphics support. However, over the past year, the Intel OSTC developers working on the open-source graphics support have dramatically improved the situation. As this article recaps the performance over the past year, Sandy Bridge is now rocking under Linux and Ivy Bridge is ready to go.

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    Smile Nice coinage!

    "Shit-wreck" shall enter my vocabulary.

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    Default Not fair

    This article (and what it's summarizing) isn't fair. I had my Sandy Bridge system up and running with acceleration a week after Intel released it, without any special hacks (eg, I didn't need to mess with git). Just because Ubuntu can't get anything right doesn't make it Intel's fault.

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    I'm happy for the improvements on these Cpu on Linux but on BSD system the situation remain no good.

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