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how it works to make the code structure of AMDIL compatible with Gallium3D? a simple rewrite? or a automate translating tool? or a chance in Gallium3D ?
It's just another IR, so I guess we could add entry points / options to the Gallium3D API so that AMD IL could be accepted, but it's not something we are looking at today.

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how is this possible in the past the official point was its not possible to use fglrx/catalyst source code in the galium3D driver. or is this only true for graphic stuff?
In this case the Catalyst compute stack uses LLVM and we're pushing our LLVM changes back wherever possible. Originally the changes were just going to go to the LLVM project but in this case Tom found them useful as a basis for OpenCL / GCN support.

Normally the flow would be :

- OpenCL team pushes code back to the LLVM project
- open source graphics developers pick up changes from the LLVM project, either indirectly (as Mesa picks up new LLVM versions) or directly

In this case the code was pushed to LLVM and Mesa simultaneously, and consistent with our "30 seconds after approval" habit the code got into a Mesa branch before it hit the LLVM mailing list