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Thread: ARCTIC Z1 Monitor Stand

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    Default ARCTIC Z1 Monitor Stand

    Phoronix: ARCTIC Z1 Monitor Stand

    ARCTIC, the decade-old company known for their high-end CPU and GPU cooling products, has expanded from just being a company focused on cooling down your PC to being everything about the PC. ARCTIC even sells entertainment center PCs now, along with a range of peripherals, audio equipment, and even batteries. One of their latest ventures is in the space of monitor stands/arms. In this review, I am checking out the ARCTIC Z1 Monitor Arm from this Swiss-founded company.

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    Default damn, i need some of those

    in my town's stores they only sell wall-mounted stuff (for "TV" bullshit) and my monitor's plastic stand sucks. previously i had Philips monitor with awesome adjustable metal stand, but it's fried now :(

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