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Thread: A Weekend Drive With OpenIndiana 151a

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    Default A Weekend Drive With OpenIndiana 151a

    Phoronix: A Weekend Drive With OpenIndiana 151a

    Last month to mark the one year anniversary of the OpenIndiana project there was the release of OpenIndiana 151a, the latest build of this Illumos-based Solaris operating system. I have finally had time to try out this latest OpenIndiana release and, of course, to run a few benchmarks.

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    Why would anyone run this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by V!NCENT View Post
    Why would anyone run this?
    ZFS is one obvious answer, though more applicable to servers than desktops.

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    ZFS is certainly suited to workstations/desktops, snapshots can be invaluable when working on projects, accidental deletions etc beadm is also superb for testing updates/package installs.

    OpenIndiana is installed on my workstation where it runs very solidly, I make alot of use of zones, Crossbow, DTrace (via Chime) and besides, it's always good to learn something new

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    For server-type tasks, it looks like 151 matches or beats 147 on most tests, but on many workstation-oriented tests (code compilation for example) it seems to have actually regressed a bit. Oh well. I guess you can't have everything.

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    Default What I've found useful about OpenIndiana

    If you want a server that:
    -provides a well seasoned file system that scales beyond imagination, snapshots, is it simple to extend
    -provides OS Virtualization that is very lightweight (Zones), when you don't want the overhead of machine virtualization
    -has current versions of Java available
    -has current versions of a great machine virtualization available (VirtualBox) and KVM

    For all of these reasons I have been pleased with OpenIndiana 151a - one server has provided me 3 OS Virtualized PCs and 3 Hardware Virtualized PCs -

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