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Thread: Two Years With Linux BFS, The Brain Fuck Scheduler

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    I'm not here to judge this, but RealNC seems to know what he's talking about, judging from posts he knows and talks specific things, while it seems that kraftman is not talking specific but overall and sometimes not correct or so.
    BFS patch is not CK patchset, this was the thing when everything went wrong and YES it is not the same (hz thing is in CK, nothing to do with BFS)!

    Anyhow, BFS for me works, not sure is it better at that wokrload and is poorer at other, but it works quite well. Throughput benchmarks is not the point of BFS at all, desktop experience is. Phoronix made excuses in Cons blog about those benches and promised to deliver proper benches what I'm personally are waiting to see.
    Hope those ones will deliver us overview of CFS vs BFS where and how it's appropriate!

    P.S. These "wrong or so" ones actually were not bad at all at least for me - we saw how throughput was affected by BFS

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