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Thread: Moto: From Dining To Open-Source Software

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    Phoronix: Moto: From Dining To Open-Source Software

    Two months ago there was a mention of Moto on Phoronix as being a place for a wonderful (and tasty) high-tech dinner. At the time it was mentioned just for their use of interesting technologies to make wonderful dishes, and partnerships with NASA and other organizations to conduct food research. Come to find out, my favorite American restaurant is also entering the open-source software business. The restaurant is working on some interesting open-source code... In particular, they're hoping to revolutionize restaurant management software with this project they have been working on, dubbed Moto Matrix...

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    does this open source restaurant also accept Bitcoins?

    and is there an open access point to surf on Phoronix?

    can i drink Nuclear Tactical Penguin beer there?

    is there any official Food taster for totally paranoid nerds against drugs and Toxic in the food?

    its also very important to get Vores ěl - Opensource Beer there

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    It would appear Cantu designs does not operate any more, or never released this software. Pity. Looked interesting.

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