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Thread: A Slew Of Patches For The Intel "GMA500" Driver

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    Default A Slew Of Patches For The Intel "GMA500" Driver

    Phoronix: A Slew Of Patches For The Intel "GMA500" Driver

    At the beginning of the month I mentioned Intel's Alan Cox was working on GMA500 driver improvements, namely to add support for the next-generation Intel Atom processors that will carry PowerVR-derived graphics capabilities, similar to the notorious "Poulsbo" hardware. In the past week, Alan has now published more than 50 patches against the open-source "GMA500" driver that provides basic KMS support for the Intel hardware with graphics IP originating from Imagination Technologies...

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    I could care less about acceleration. These are weak-ass chips that go with weak-ass cpus and otherwise weak-ass systems. Mode setting is plenty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    I could care less about acceleration. ... Mode setting is plenty.
    I don't like to be a language nazi over the internet, but "could care less" doesn't make sense with what you've written here. The following video explains it all (worth watching, particularly if you like David Mitchell, which you should).

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    If this results in my GMA500 device actually *working at all* then I will be happy. There is no VESA mode for my screen, and it has never actually worked at it's native resolution. I just want to see something on the screen at this point without having to dig around for binary blobs or start compiling stuff - acceleration doesn't matter to me at *all*.

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    Default KMS != GPU driver

    Note that in embedded devices (PowerVR's home domain) the GPU and the display hardware are usually completely separate IPs that could come from different vendors. I don't know anything about GMA500, but the display controller part i.e. the part that scans out frame buffers to screen (the part that is controlled by KMS) could be an intel IP alltogether.

    These patches give no indication of *anything* from PowerVR having open source drivers... As I see it this is just the intel parts of GMA500.

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    looks like Intel is loosing it.

    not only:
    1) their open source graphic stack is feature-inferior to their closed stack (for Holes-in-the-wallsŪ OS)
    2) they do no efforts and have no plans to migrate to advanced open source tech (Gallium)
    3) their "low-power solutions" (Atoms) are crap compared to ARM and only reason they are popular at all is that Holes-in-the-wallsŪ OS and most of software for it do not run on ARM and even x86_64.

    but now:
    4) looks like they ditching any plans for their own GPUs for their own "low-power solutions"
    5) stuffing up proprietary and highly restricted chips of the third party on their "low-power solutions" instead
    6) reading support for those even more half-assed than even their "obsolete" GPUs could ever [don't] have.
    (recently people brought me a laptop with "GM45" which would disable its backlight with KMS and stay dark and completely unusable. i made a hack resetting 'F4.B' value to zero every 10 seconds so owner could use it somehow but that's completely fucked up. and that's not counting that old Intel chips 'acceleration' is completely worthless and buggy too)

    so, if you are not a Holes-in-the-wallsŪ OS user, you have no reason to buy Intel's future "low-power solutions" and everything based on them and quite an opposite - plenty to stay the fuck away.

    damn, i wish the times when you could buy an ARM-based laptop not restricted as Nvidia's Tegra bullshit and with complete OSS support would come already :( but for now, i will use AMD-based stuff, thank you very much.

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