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I really wish the OCD "bit purity" crowd would explain why they need access to greater than 4G of RAM to watch video.
I don't know which crowd you are refering to, but every schoolboy knows that 32bit applications in 64bit host require 32bit compiler support, 32bit libraries everywhere, aka multilib. So why polute system with 500Mb ballast for 30mb flash player?

Falsh is used mostly for games and site logic.
Various creativity sites are falsh operated.
This is where HTML5 has hard times now, but I sure hope it eventually succeeds.

Falsh is completely unneeded for video, except for protected streams where it opposites WMV/silverlight and similar drm bs.

So when they rollout 64bit version for windows - everything is fine.
When they hold 64bit linux port for several months, plainly ignoring various security holes, suddenly a troll shows up with "why should you need 64bit for linux, 8bit is enough for you" question.

Troll on.