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Android doesn't use any of the desktop APIs though.

Desktop GL? Nope.
VA-API? Nope.
X11? Nope.
Xv? Nope.

Even if you could run the ARM binary in a linux-elf-arm-EABI to linux-elf-x86-64 binary translator (a la ndiswrapper), it wouldn't work at all with desktop technologies. AFAIK you can write a native NPAPI plugin for the Android browser, but that's where the similarities end.

Still, if they exclude desktop Linux from the Flash 11 release train, I would rather use wine and some hacks to run the Windows Flash plugin for Firefox inside of a native browser window. The good news is that we already have the binary translation technology we need to run a Win32/PE executable on Linux; we don't have the tools needed (outside of qemu or bochs) to run an ARM binary "by itself" on x86 Linux. We don't have an ARM emulator (that I'm aware of). And even if we did, no one has proposed integrating the Android APIs into the standard Linux desktop.
There was something called the "Android Execution Environment" that wrapped android into desktop linux natively.