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Thread: graphics benchmark details

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    Default graphics benchmark details

    Hi All

    I am trying to understand how the phoronix-test-suite works when I benchmark the graphics.

    I am running a ut2004-demo on my radeon HD 4550. I was trying to find out whether there should be a difference after turning my vsync on/off (aticonfig --vs on/off)
    Monitor Refresh Rate : 60FPS

    The performance results were not exactly identical, but near around the same by which I mean at max I got a difference of +/- 1 FPS at all the different resolutions, I checked.

    So, I have a simple question, shouldn't changing the vsync option change the game FPS ?
    or since I am just running a prerecorded workload & not playing, this will not affect my FPS.

    I used to believe that the physics calculation etc are only handled by cpu, not gpu, is this assumption wrong ? so therefore should/shouldn't I expect a change in game FPS ?

    Thanks .

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    Can anyone help me understand this ? Since I know there is something wrong with my explanation

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