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Thread: Advertisements On Phoronix

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    Quote Originally Posted by log0 View Post
    Another redirection to when visiting phoronix again:

    I am sorry but this crap is ridiculous.
    What browser and location are you?

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    Exclamation WARNING: Malware in ads!


    When I opened Phoronix this morning I was immediately redirected to a phising website ( telling me to download a fake Flash player.
    I'm using Firefox 29 from Spain.


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    I get complete redirects to this site or urls in this site:

    I'm using Firefox 30 from The Netherlands.

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    Default No Ads With Everything Disabled

    So, I disabled AdBlock for, and I still don't see any ads!!! Some of the highlighted keywords have mini-pop-ups, but many, if not most, of them are blank. I even went so far as to disable AdBlock completely: no change.

    Then I thought it might be my use of RequestPolicy and/or No Script; but, disabling those changed nothing.

    Finally, I considered that the ads might be pop-ups, so I set Firefox to allow pop-ups; still, no ads!!?

    Now, I'm okay with the idea of accomodating an ad-supported site that I frequent regularly, but I'm not going to shut down my web security (such that it is) if it has zero impact.

    Am I missing something?

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    The ads are horrible here. I think they have increased too. The double underline crap is gone on the main page but still present on the forums. I really see my self re enabling ad block here. I cant even get to the first page without having to hit reload a few times because of the slow add servers and pop ups on the front page. This site has way above average ads too as the cpu usage goes high when opening this site.

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