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    For a few weeks now I have been solely using an ATI Radeon X1800XT in my personal system as a trial to see how the times have changed for ATI/NVIDIA under Linux with their proprietary drivers. I have setup this blog @ and it has been going since June 1, 2006.

    Feel free to check it out and provide any questions/comments/suggestions that you might have -- including anything you may want me to cover during this ATI Linux challenge. You are more than welcome to share your NVIDIA --> ATI switching experience under Linux as well, or even vise versa in our NVIDIA Linux forum.

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    Why is it that you never seem to experience real problems with it? Is the driver update that good? I'm using the one version down and I don't think I need to go down the details that we've been through before. :P

    Anyway, great blog!

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    If I recall correctly from your previous emails, your key concerns were fglrx performance and stability. I have certainly voiced my opinion about the below-average frame-rate performance with these drivers in the blog, and yes it would be great to have ATI address the performance delta with their fglrx drivers, which hopefully they shall be doing over time.

    In regards to your stability comments, I have yet to run into any real fglrx stability problems in my day-to-day usage.

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    Well, that is good news to hear Michael. The below-average frame-rate is to be expected from ATi. I'm kind of resigned to that fact.

    I hope to hear more from your blog. On a note, could you also post the aticonfig commandline options you added? I may have missed it but I did not come across any from the blog...

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    For the standard horizontal Big Desktop configuration:

    aticonfig --dtop=horizontal Then when examining other features, such as FSAA, other options were used -- as noted in the respective posts.

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    My bad. I should pay more attention to what I read. Thanks for pointing it out Michael.

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    Fedora Core 6 ATI information added to the blog, with instructions for proper installation.

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