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Thread: NVIDIA 1.0-9629 Display Driver Released

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    Default NVIDIA 1.0-9629 Display Driver Released

    * Added initial support for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.
    * Added new "Display Configuration" page in nvidia-settings.
    * Improved workstation OpenGL performance in Xinerama.
    * Added support for NVIDIA Quadro Plex.
    * Added support for Quad SLI.
    * Improved X driver error recovery.
    * Improved workstation overlay performance.
    * Added SMBus functionality to the Linux/i2c interface.
    * Fixed DFP scaling support.
    * Added support for OpenGL 2.1.
    * Added new "TwinViewXineramaInfoOrder" X configuration option to control the order of display devices when in TwinView.
    * Fixed some problems related to TV Out.
    * Added new NVIDIA logo artwork to nvidia-settings and X driver splashscreen; the X driver splashscreen can now be configured with the new "LogoPath" X configuration option.

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    "Added support for Quad SLI."

    Haha, I laughed out loud. Are these the drivers that also support the 8800GTX/GTS? Regardless, grabbing!

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    Like I stated in the article, supportive drivers will be out today (Nov 8). Still checking right now whether a Beta will also be coming out, otherwise these drivers do support the 8800.

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    Ahh ok, I was confused there. The article said today, and then I seen these new drivers out. They sure like to release them close enough together ;-)

    Not like I have an 8800GTX or anything... so not sure why I cared, heh.

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    Sadly the SLED 10 bug is still in there. Wonder why these new drivers don't work well with it. Maybe because they use an older version of Gnome? I've reinstalled / to make see if it was something I installed earlier causing it, but still no success.
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    I just bought an 8800GTX and it doesn't look like the 9629 drivers support it. The driver just tells me it failed to initialize the device. I don't see any newer drivers on nZone. Anyone know any more on this?

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    NVIDIA's PR department had specifically told me they would have drivers at nZone on launch day. So I guess just wait and see.

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    Got em, thanks. They're working OK so far.

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    If you can, report back with how its performing and any problems and any other comments. I know some users on here would be very interested.

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