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Thread: Mandriva & Mageia Release Their Alphas

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    Default Mandriva & Mageia Release Their Alphas

    Phoronix: Mandriva & Mageia Release Their Alphas

    The first Alpha release of Mandriva 2011 is now available along with the first alpha release of its newest offspring, Mageia Linux. This is the first-ever ISO release of Mageia Linux since this free software project was formed last year by many Mandriva developers after the uncertain future of Mandriva's parent company...

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    What I wonder is - will there also be "premium" software to pay for like in Mandriva?

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    Mageia is funded by a non-profit organization, it's my understanding that it will be released 100% free.

    I'm currently installing the Mageia alpha on VirtualBox OSE. I don't want to unleash it on real hardware in an alpha 1 stage, especially not yet knowing how it handles.

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