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Thread: choosing a disk to run disk/partition tests on

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    Question choosing a disk to run disk/partition tests on

    when i run a test eg iozone it seems to put its test file in my home folder. is there a simple way to get it to use a different disk or partition.

    i am using v2.8.0 from the ubuntu repos.

    my aim is to check that i have the correct sector alignment, so a need a test that does small reads and writes that i can run against a freshly formatted partition.


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    The easiest universal way is to modify the install directory in ~/.phoronix-test-suite/user-config.xml to reflect the location you want to test.

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    thanks that worked.

    now i am wondering if iozone is the best test for this.

    judging by the speeds (eg 2000 MB/s) when the file size fits in RAM then you are actually measuring RAM speed rather than disk speed. is there a better test for disks?

    i am going to try again with the write tests with the disk mounted with sync ( sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt -o sync ).

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    running with sync seems way to slow to be practical. over an hour and its still on run 1 (4k, 512MB,write)

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