Hi All
i have installed Solaris 10/09 os in oracle virtual box 4.0.2

Im facing following problems as mentioned below
1. I have installed usb driver and network driver for the virtual box and i have successfully installed the extension packs also . while logging in to virtual machine
it captures my usb keyboard and usb mouse ,it not allows them to access the application of host os(windows xp) until i logout from virtual machine.

2.Usb mouse is working in virtual machine but im not able to see the mouse pointer and then i can identify the mouse movement when mouse acceleration is very slow.

3.I can't able configure Internet connection for virtual machine in default adapter NAT.when i change the setting to host only network adapter
VM doesn't boot it runs continuously with the message conflict with ip address

4.Can't able to adjust the screen resolution more than 800 x 600 .

Can you suggest me the solution for all these problems