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Why, every single nvidia card has 3dfx legacy. *burp*
yea, and think about that for more than a second crazy....

it may be a bit cheesy , but they did buy All the 3dfx legacy IP including that real long lasting OSS innovation everyone's still using to write those derivative drivers for x64 etc.

you cant get away from it, that original massive OSS code is still littered around masses of OSS code even today, even though 3dfx is no more, and few people still have that hardware ( i do, and could use it in any 5v pci slot SBC [Single Board Computer], or 'IBM PC' if i could remember which old x86 board had the 5v and not the later 3.3v)

if Nvidia had a mind to finally provide OSS then AMD would be very put out even with their far longer time (this time around, remember they did it once before and removed it) , its hard to compete with that 3dfx legacy even today when you dont own the patents and IP.