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Thread: Trying to find stability issue

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    Default Trying to find stability issue

    Hi, lately I've experienced some issues with stability, strange crashes of programs and complete freezes.

    So I wonder if there is a stress test suitable to test stability of GPU and CPU.

    Crashes always appear during hig load but i can't rule out what fails so i want to stress test CPU and GPU for starters. Ran memtest for quite a long time without errors so memory should be okay.

    What test/suits should i use to the most stress on these single components one at the time to se if either the CPU or the GPU goes unstable during heavy load.

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    There would be plenty of good tests to try.

    Some that come to mind as good CPU tests: npb, graphics-magick, mafft, hmmer, build-linux-kernel

    Some good GPU ones: unigine, lightsmark, nexuiz

    -- Michael

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