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Thread: Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

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    Default Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

    Phoronix: Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

    On the same day as the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 release, the developers behind Linaro, which is also sponsored by Canonical, released their first alpha of Linaro 11.05...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    Linaro, which is also sponsored by Canonical
    No, it's not sponsored by Canonical. Or were do you see it being mentioned on ?

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    mark shuttleworth's a bit of an arse not mentioning Genesi's ARM HW/OS work and developer units etc, or their existing OEM ARM/PPC links in several of the mentioned companies Freescale, IBM ...

    "mark shuttleworth said:...
    Having played with a prototype ARM netbook, I was amazed at how cool it felt. Even though it was just a prototype it was super-thin, and ran completely cool. It felt like a radical leap forward for the state of the art in netbooks. So I’m a fan of fanless computing, and can’t wait to get one off the shelf ..."


    and the real Ubuntu 10.10 already ported this efikaMX Freescale Arm A8 800Mhz SOC etc

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    They aren't sponsors, but Canonical are working along side Linaro developers:

    Quote Originally Posted by Linaro FAQ
    Q4. What is the role of Canonical?

    A4. Canonical are an engineering partner working alongside Linaro software developers. Linaro software developers are made up of a mixture of developers from Core and Club Member companies as well as an expanding Community Membership

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