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Thread: NVIDIA Quietly Uploads New Linux Driver

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    Default NVIDIA Quietly Uploads New Linux Driver

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Quietly Uploads New Linux Driver

    To those that missed it in our Phoronix Forums where it was discovered, NVIDIA two days ago uploaded a new binary Linux (x86/x86_64) driver to their FTP server. This NVIDIA graphics driver is marked as the 260.19.26 beta, but they have yet to officially announce this new release or even provide a change-log...

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    This driver makes the nvidia blob work for the sony viao laptops

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    these drivers might not be exciting in bringing new things BUT they mostly fix a serious regression with these drivers and pthreads

    so much so that GVIM yes that god of all text editors would mess up and crash BECAUSE it uses cairo and it links to libGL, even if it doesn't use any 3d stuff the simple fact that it is linked (and reduced to a simple call of the init...) causes that thread to crash

    still crashes with HoN but not as often

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