those who are using the patchset with the CFS autogroup included & other goodies

v15 is out !

2.6.37_plus kernel with coordinate flush, zcache or TOI


Everyone's advised to update to v15

v15 includes all changes since v14

changes (for v14 -> v15):

20 2.6.38_patches/15 x86 platform ->
7 [tip:x86_urgent] x86-32: Make sure the stack is set up before we use it

"25 kztmem" --> rename & bump from V1 to V2 to "25 zcache"
1 zcache-linux-2.6.37-110205.patch

(IMPORTANT NOTE: zcache MUST be specified as a kernel boot parameter or
nothing happens!) And if you love to see tons of detailed statstics
changing dynamically try running the following bash script in a big window
with "watch -d":

the "new" zcache by Dan Magenheimer & Nitin Gupta

27 even more fixes -> 9 uvesafb, vesafb ->
1 [PATCH 1_3] uvesafb,vesafb: create WC or WB PAT entries
2 [PATCH 2_3] Add ioremap_cache and ioremap_wc to all architectures
3 [PATCH 3_3] uvesafb: remove-ifdef-CONFIG_X86-around-ioremap