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Thread: [Idea] Linux engineering product of the year?

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    Default [Idea] Linux engineering product of the year?

    .. basically, kind of "person of the year" made by the newspaper "Time" but made by Phoronix?

    This can be a software as well hardware (naive) engineering product made for Linux business.
    For example: software engineering product for 2012 would be photoshop CS made native for linux.. or nvidia proprietary driver.. but not only the software stuff, but also a (supposed) perfect Linux Tablet (hardware product).

    It don't need to be "good", like TIME's "person of the year" it should be something that had strong repercussion in Linux universe.

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    Used to do sort of like that:

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    That's cool too! but its kind of "best things happen for linux" summary. My idea is to focus strictly on "the main linux event of the year"

    As it could be the surpass of Android linux towards iPhone OS

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