Hi guys, I made a new tool for undervolting/overclocking Family 11h (K8L) and Family 10h (K10) AMD processors, available both in Linux and Windows, for 32 bit and 64 bit flavours.

The program name is TurionPowerControl, since it has born as a tool to control power usage of Turion ZM/RM and Athlon QL processors, then it has evolved to support also Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon II desktop processors and mobile Athlon II, Turion II and Phenom II.

I put here because I need some feedback from users: K8L support is established and working well, but K10 support is still in a early state and needs testing and feedback since I have no continous access to K10 processors.

You can grab the program here:

TurionPowerControl 0.29 pre-alpha

The package contains compiled win x86 and AMD64 binaries, compiled Fedora 13 AMD64 binary and full source code with compile script. Last but not least, there's a full documentation with some usage and compiling examples.